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Our mission at Evolve CNP is to provide a unique, full spectrum health experience through affordable brain-based chiropractic care, metabolic assessments, performance training and recovery methods.

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Active Care

For individuals that are new patients with an active chief complaint, that have nagging injuries or dysfunctions and have not responded to other care. Those interested in maximizing healing and recovery for performance

Wellness Care

For individuals that have completed an Active Care plan and are looking for regular chiropractic wellness care, who do not have a current active complaint but have the desire to move and feel better than they do now.

Clinical Services

We utilize a thorough analysis of blood chemistry through the lenses of Functional Medicine and follow the principles of a systems biology approach to promote proper function and maintenance of the organ systems.

A major ethos here at Evolve CNP is “bio-individuality.”

 We will identify personal goals and tailorspecific approaches based on your unique biological needs. Everyone can evolve into the best version ofthemselves, no matter where they are right now. We concern ourselves with the expression of maximum potential in all areas of life.

Our Services

Dr. Galvin's passion is figuring out each patient’s unique puzzle and designing a custom approach blending chiropractic care, I.A.S.T.M., and functional rehabilitation with metabolic health and nutritional assessments, all while instilling fundamental principles of health and promoting a practice of self-sufficient movements in daily life.

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 7 AM to 3 PM

| Tuesday, Thursday - 2 PM to 7 PM

| Saturday, Sunday - By Appointment Only


*Not intended to cure any diagnosis, but to support proper function and expression of health

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