Active Care Plans

Active Care Plans are for you if:

  • You are new patient with an active chief complaint 
  • You may have nagging injuries or dysfunctions
  • You may have not responded to previous care attempts with other providers
  • You are interested in maximizing your healing and recovery for performance

Appointment Details

Wellness/Maintenance Care

Wellness/Maintenance Care is for individuals:

  • That have completed an Active Care plan (Patients may elect a maintenance plan after discharge from active care status) 
  • That are looking for regular chiropractic wellness care to ensure proper function of the brain and response to daily stressors
  • That do not have a current active complaint (read: acute injury or chronic pain), but have the  desire to move and feel better than they do now 

Appointment Details

  • Evo Lounge

Kick back, relax and balance your mind, body, spirit connection in the EVOLOUNGE at Evolve Chiropractic, Nutrition, Performance, PLLC. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art devices to facilitate healing and recovery.

Post activity soreness? Prepping for activity or ready to shake up your dynamic warm up? Zip up the boots, sleeves, or hip attachments to the Normatec compression unit or use the MarcPro muscle conditioning device.

Just want to chill out after your brain-based chiropractic care without any technology? Slip on an eye cover, listen to some good vibe tunes, and allow yourself to heal from the inside out.

Prepping for a long day that requires extra focus?

Stress overload? Feeling exhausted? Take a brain wave journey and drift off in the BrainTap visual and auditory stimulation device while relaxing in one of our reclining chairs with a fleece blanket. 

$25 for a 30 minute session

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