Clinical Services


Chiropractic Care, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Functional Rehabilitation, and Metabolic Health Assessments.


Below you will find descriptions of the clinical services offered at the Evolve Chiropractic, Nutrition, Performance clinic. 

Chiropractic Care

A brain-based approach to healing from the inside out; utilizing adjustments made to the spine, for correction of the subluxated state of the neurospinal system; is the cornerstone of our care plans here at Evolve CNP.

– Dysfunctional biomechanics of the spine influence neurological pathways at specific levels of the spinal cord and brain

– This miscommunication between body, spinal cord, and brain has a direct connection to your ability to HEAL via:

– Our structural ability to manage physical loads efficiently (How you react to external environment)

– Our functional ability to respond to stressors effectively and return to a state of physiologic homeostasis (How you react to internal environments)

Chiropractic care is included in all Active Care Plans, as well as in the Wellness patient memberships. The specific technique applied is guided by the patient’s individual presentation. We do offer non-thrust type adjusting using instrumentation and low force techniques.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

-Supplementary to chiropractic

– Stainless steel tools and an emollient used to facilitate lasting change in myofascial tissues associated with fascial adhesions, muscular trigger points and hypertonicity, and connective tissue involvement.


Functional Rehabilitation

Supplementary to chiropractic
– Guided by the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).
– Prioritizes proper spinal stabilization and global structural integrity before adding load, volume,
or intensity.
– Technique and form are the foundation of any movement practice.
 Interventions may include:
– full spectrum of natural human movements o the SFMA’s 4×4 matrix
– traditional rehabilitation
– strength and conditioning
–  Our approach includes a developmental kinesiology perspective and attempts to apply learned principles to everyday activities, reducing the risk of future injury.
–  We attempt to build a healthy relationship with a full spectrum of human movements. Movements that should be accessible throughout a lifetime. This gives our patients a better understanding of how daily activities often play a role in their ability to heal.

Functional Rehabilitation is offered for our Active Care patients only. If you are on a Wellness Membership plan and wish to incorporate these principles of movement into your care or daily activities, please let us know!


Metabolic Health Assessments

Supplementary to chiropractic
-Take the guesswork out of nutrition and supplementation and allow your body to facilitate healing and recovery from the inside out when given the raw building blocks to do so.
-We utilize a thorough analysis of blood chemistry through the lenses of Functional Medicine for performance and wellness following the principles of a systems biology approach to promote proper function and maintenance of the organ systems utilizing specific nutritional approaches and tailored supplementation.
-This approach is not the same as bloodwork for the diagnosis of pathology and treatment of disease. Any lab results warranting further testing for a medical diagnosis will be referred to patients primary care physician or to the proper medical provider as indicated. Available for all patient memberships, or as indicated by clinical consultation and examination.
*Not intended to treat or cure any diagnosis, but to support proper function and expression of health

Golf Performance & Injury

Dr. Galvin is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified (TPI) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified (SFMA) practitioner with a mission to deliver golf fitness and healthcare promoting a player’s longevity in the game. Whether you are a weekend warrior or competitive pro, these two complementary systems are designed to address the connection between the physical capability of an individual’s body structure, posture, and movements and the relationship of these to the golf swing. TPI has a philosophy that there is not one right way to swing a golf club, there are infinite ways to swing a golf club, but only one right way for your body.

We are not here to provide swing instruction or claim to lower scores, but to prepare and recover the body and mind from the biomechanical and mental rigors of golf through a quality driven program combining:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Golf specific corrective exercise and rehabilitation, and Sessions in the EvoLounge Relaxation and Recovery Room utilizing visual and auditory session with the MindFit (learn more here

Call (501) 508 – 5609 today to schedule your consult and a FREE TPI golf movement screen.

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