Dr. James Michael Galvin III, D.C.

Hometown: I am originally from the Southside of Chicago, left in 2012, have been a suburbanite of St. Louis for the last four years. Current hometown is Park Hill, North Little Rock, AR.

Background: I have a background in a wide variety of athletics ranging from running to wrestling to marital arts to club rugby. This has given me a deep appreciation for the wants and needs of weekend warriors and competitive athletes alike. Movement and structural integrity are a part of daily life, whether or not an individual has any athletic or performance goals.

Education: I changed majors, schools, and jobs 3-4 times before chiropractic school so my education ranges from construction management, criminal justice, business management, all the way to athletic training. This broad exposure has awarded me the ability to think critically, entertaining other perspectives before drawing conclusions or making decisions. I finally received a B.S. in Life Sciences and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in St. Louis, MO. During my formal education, I have furthered my studies in nutrition, coaching, and movement therapies by becoming a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a certified Level 1 Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) practitioner, and a Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer. I am currently enrolled in a post-graduate training program with Functional Medicine University working towards eligibility for certification in Functional Medicine and Diplomate status in nutrition to better serve my patients.

Greatest Influence: Both parent’s involvement in athletics in various arenas and having much exposure to this world starting off so young has been my greatest professional influence. My Mom, Janet, has been a lifetime athlete and career coach. Second career, or third, or fourth. They’ve compounded. She has been an IHSA and collegiate Volleyball official for ... year. She has developed young female athletes into women of character in volleyball, softball, basketball and life while attaining Hall of Fame status herself throughout the years. My Dad, also Jim, was my coach from widget (pee-wee) football to little league baseball all the way into high school track. He retired from his “real job” two weeks after his 50th birthday and took up a job “for something to do” in a retail store catering to runners, coordinating race day activities, and sometimes racing himself. Every week, he still supports local high school athletics and is somewhat of staple in the South end zone bleachers of Friday night De La Salle Meteor football and basketball games. This drive and support at every level of athletics and education has given me the mindset of success through hard work, the power of being a team player, and an enthusiasm for movement, performance, health, and wellness that is contagious.

Current life: I met my girlfriend Dr. Sarah Slattery, D.C. (A North Little Rock native) at the beginning of chiropractic school and immediately after graduation we both moved to the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock, where we live with our two cats, Kiki and Sampson, and dog Blue. I knew immediately upon moving I wanted to serve the community I was living in, and decided to open the doors of the new office, Evolve Chiropractic, Nutrition, Performance, PLLC just 5 blocks from our home in Park Hill.

Hobbies: Training. Exercise. Fitness. Movement. Whatever you want to term it. I do it all. My body is my temple. My mind is my temple. I strive for consistency and slow progress in all that I do.

Favorite food: Hometown comfort food. Chicago style hot dog and French fries from Red Hots on 35th street. Or a breaded steak sandwich from Freddie’s. Or a Phil’s Pizza. I was obviously food spoiled growing up in Chicago. Delicacies to say the least; that I have yet to find in my current locale. All of these are few and far between these days, but everyone must indulge occasionally, in moderation of course.

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